Saturday, 22 February 2014

How To Troubleshoot Problems In Commercial Refrigeration Systems

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On a restaurant or a grocery store or in any other business that deals with eatables, a lack or inadequate refrigeration will be considered as an emergency as their business and their customer satisfaction depends purely on proper refrigeration. These commercial establishments get customers, who will be more particular about refrigerated items and they do not even look at uncooled food stuff like drinks. For those commercial establishments operating from Chicago, there are companies offering commercial refrigeration services. These companies can be called upon for immediate help so that the business need not get affected even for a few hours.

When there is a breakdown of refrigeration system, it is a time to panic for these establishments as a delay in getting the system to work can cause them a huge loss. In most of the cases, this type of sudden problem arises due to improper use. So, when it comes to maintenance of these systems properly, the following points are to be kept in mind:
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Inadequate maintenance: Sudden refrigeration system failure can occur due to inadequate maintenance. Dirty coils are one of the important reasons for the breakdown. So, it is essential that the coils should be regularly checked and cleaned. While most of the owners of restaurants are hesitant about spending money on maintenance due to their lean budget, commercial refrigeration services recommend that regular maintenance can help them to save a huge money to be spent on repairs in the future.

Problems with door: If the items within the refrigerator are not getting cooled, the problem might be because of some issues on the door of the system. The reason might be that the door was not closed properly or there can also be a crack on the door. In restaurants, it is common that the workers do not close the door properly due to the hurry in serving the customers. Initially, the door will close itself, but after several years of use, the door might need a nudge for properly closing itself. So, regularly checking the door as to whether it closes tightly becomes essential to avoid problems.

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Improper usage of unit: When there is lack of coolness, there are chances that the unit might be improperly used. For instance, if the unit has interior lights, it should be properly shut off when the unit is not in use. This is because too many lights within the unit can cause temperature to rise within. Also, frequent opening and closing can cause problem in maintenance of temperature within the unit.

Some companies offering refrigeration service are also providing air conditioner repair in Chicago. So, when the right company offering air conditioner repair in Chicago along with refrigeration service can save a lot of time to the owners of commercial establishments.

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